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Located in Teller County Colorado, Woodland Park is a beautiful Home Rule Municipality seated near Pike Peaks, resting against fluffy white clouds. Being just an hour away from El Paso County, the town is surrounded by the Pike National Forests that span one million acres and includes a generous amount of amenities for its friendly residents.

Woodlands Park’s rich history dates back to 1891, when it was first developed with a small population of 121. After the first water line installation (now a pond in the beautiful Memorial Park), the town attracted miners and homesteaders due to the Gold Rush and the start of the Midland Railway, lumber mills, and a rise in tourism.

After the railway was up and running, the town drew in tourists and residents with its natural beauty, which led to sudden growth in homes, restaurants, stores, hotels, churches, and recreational activities, for which it is known today.


There’s plenty to do for everyone regardless of age! With some of the best restaurants and entertainment facilities, this town highlights the best of life living on the clouds.

Here are a few places to visit:

● The Farmer’s Market: The farmer’s market is the spirit of the community and sells locally sourced vegetables, meat, and other essentials for homes. 

● Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Center:  If you’re hoping to get hands-on, visit the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Center, a museum that displays exciting exhibits and a do-it-yourself learning experience for younger people.

● Rainbow Falls: Head off the stone path beyond Manitou Park Lake to get a look at this enchanted waterfall surrounded by lush forests. You can also stop by at the Park to picnic, hike, or spend the day fishing. 

● Pike National Forest: There’s nothing better than having a scenic forest that encompasses 1.1 million acres of wilderness in your backyard! Tainted with pink and orange granite, these forests present many beautiful trails and wildlife encounters!



The Climate in Woodland Park

Summers in Woodland Park are pleasant, and winters are dry and freezing. With a high comfort level and 245 sunny days in the year, this charming town is ideal to settle down.

Warm months build temperatures of 75.7 degrees, but it never gets warmer than 90 degrees Fahrenheit, making it cooler than most places in Colorado.

December and January bring freezing temperatures of 3 degrees and 89 inches of snow, which is a lot higher than the rest of the US. The rest of the year tends to be comfortable and pleasant with mild temperatures and sunny days.


The City Above The Clouds



Students of the town are served by the Woodland Park School District-RE2 which contains four other school districts in one. Five schools are located in Woodland Park–Woodland Park High School, Woodland Park Middle School, Columbine Elementary School, Gateway Elementary School, and Summit Elementary School.

While there are no universities in the town, there are excellent colleges located in Colorado’s other cities if you prefer to move out of the city for studies.

Public Transportation

Since Woodland Park boasts of an active lifestyle, people either get around by bicycle or use private transportation. The Teller Senior Coalition offers a public shuttle service on certain days a week and offers senior citizens discounts.

Living in Woodland Park

Being on the smaller side, Woodland Park only covers 6.61 sq. mi and has a population of 7,785. Even though it was a vacation destination, this new suburb town gives its residents the best of breath-taking mountain life while making use of its many amenities.

Memorial Park in Woodland Park, Colorado featuring the lake, green grass and fresh snow on Pikes Peak

Apart from being in close proximity to the rest of Colorado, the town also has more than 8,000 local businesses and employs residents in technology, agriculture, and healthcare.

$319,100 is the median home value and is worth having a beautiful home in the mountains that peek through the clouds. Rent here costs roughly $1,144, but most people have bought their homes.

Moving to the Town

If you are looking for a place to stay, consider this charming town surrounded by breath-taking terrain. With a variety of homes for everyone, Woodland Park offers the best of life in the mountains.

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